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Types of roofing we handle:

  • Flat Roofing Systems (Rubber, EPDM Roofing, Firestone)
  • Pitched Roofing (Asphalt Shingles)
  • Full Roof Replacements
  • Selective Residential Roof Repair – Shingle Roof Leak Repair
  • Roof Inspections

We Are a Atlas Signature Installer!

Hello there. As a fellow New York resident, we wholeheartedly understand how much pride you put into your home. You have worked tremendously hard over the years to obtain your home, maintain your home, and to make it the talk of the town. Of course, being the talk of the town isn’t always a good thing. An unkempt home could put you and your family in a negative light. We’re here to help. We handle residential roofing and commercial roofs as well. We are the top Staten Island Roofing company and we can transform your home or business into a work of art. Whether you’re in need of roofing or siding, we’ll be able to help solve your problem. Commercial Roof?  Residential roof replacement? Gutter ReplacementSiding Replacement? No Problem! Our BBB rating is excellent, and our Quality Roof company is locally owned and operated.

We Accept Jobs Of All Sizes (Siding, Windows, Roofs, Skylight Installation)

Our company understands the importance of versatility. While some companies are only interested in taking the biggest offers, we don’t mind solving the problems of the everyday consumer. When you need roofing help in, we’ll be able to help no matter how big or small your job is. We can replace your entire roof or we can easily fix a leak. We also offer Staten Island residents siding services. If you’re ready to dramatically alter the style of your home, we can make it happen with new siding.

No matter what type of siding or roofing problem you’re facing, you should give us a call. We’ll make sure you’re in good hands! Looking for a Staten Island Roofer? Call Now!

Our Process

As one of the very best Staten island roofing contractors, we understand how vital it is to work directly with the client. It is impossible for us to solve your problems, unless we first listen to your concerns. This is why we follow a strict protocol, when working with each individual client. First and foremost, the client will make contact with our local Staten Island, New York office. During the phone call, the client’s name and physical address will be taken. An appointment will also be scheduled. An employee will visit your home, inspect your situation, and speak with you directly.

You’ll learn about all of the options our company offers in terms of siding and roofing. Once you’ve made a definite decision, a quote will be provided. If the client is satisfied with the quote, a date can be scheduled for the work to begin. And, it will all be downhill from there.

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Options Galore

We understand that roofing contractors in Staten Island NY needs to be versatile. As the leading contractor in the area, we have perfected versatility in more ways than one. As mentioned above, we’re capable of solving any problem no matter how big or small it may be. At the same time, we offer an abundance of options. Our local warehouse is stocked full of roofing materials, as well as different types of siding. We have more materials on hand than any other contractor in the area.

At the same time, we’re more than happy to offer custom orders. If you’re unable to find something that satisfies your needs in our massive warehouse, we can also place a custom order. With us, you can rest assured knowing you’ll always get what you want.

Guaranteed Satisfaction From Your Staten Island Roofer

As the leading siding contractor in Staten Island NY, our company strives to provide satisfaction to each and every client. Our employees will not be satisfied, unless the client is entirely satisfied. Our sole goal is to put a smile on the client’s face. This is why we offer guaranteed satisfaction. Our contractors will not leave your home, until the work is completed and you’re totally satisfied with it. If you see something that could be improved or enhanced, you should let us know about it before we leave. We see to it that the problem is rectified as quickly as possible!

Peace Of Mind – Licensed and Insured Staten Island Roofer

Above all else, it is essential to provide the client with reassurance and peace of mind. This is why our company takes measures to protect the client and their family. One of the things we do is background checking all employees. We would never allow someone untrustworthy to enter our home and we won’t push this off on you either. On top of background checks, we also drug screen each employee. The combination ensures you will receive the best experience and the most peace of mind humanely possible.

Another thing to remember is that our company is insured. We want to make sure the client receives the best service, without having to think about anything else. Our insurance makes that happen. During the course of the installation or replacement, there is a possibility something could go wrong. The contractor could make a mistake and it could result in an injury or damage to your property. Our insurance has it covered!

A Perfect Match for Staten Island Roofing Services

We believe our clients will agree that a perfect match is incredibly important. Using yellow siding and red siding together would look strange and would make your home look like an eyesore. Our company strives to make sure all Staten Island residents receive the best of the best and the deserves a perfect match. A uniformed look will help to enhance the aesthetics of your home and that is what we aim to deliver. We’ll do everything in our power to provide you with the best matching siding Staten Island has in store. If we cannot find something suitable in our warehouse, we’ll custom order it for you!

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Types of Roofing – Premium-Grade Materials

When it comes to your home or business, we strive to beautify it with premium-grade materials. We carefully hand select the materials and products that we provide to the public. In fact, we wouldn’t install a product on your home that we wouldn’t install on ours. When you shop through our product line, you are guaranteed competitive prices and top of the line siding and roofing materials. Our sales team will also sit down with you in a one-on-one meeting to provide you with suggestions on the types of roofing and recommendations. The most important consideration of all is whether or not the materials contribute to the overall look and style of your home. We handle flat roof but not metal roofing.

A Roofing Contractor Working With Your Financial Budget!

As husbands, wives, and parents, we understand how crucial it is to stay within a financial budget. This is why we offer various roofing services and low, medium, and high-grade products. We strive to assist all of our customers with the hardest decision that they will make, when it comes to renovating their home or business establishment. Our lower grade products are still considered top-of-the-line and only more affordable than the medium and high-grade selection. If your budget is within the median range, we will suggest low to medium-grade roofing and siding materials.

By remaining in your financial budget throughout the project, will only settle your nerves and keep everything on track. Our low-grade roofing materials are as follows; asphalt shingles, composition shingles, and rolled roofing. As for siding, vinyl is more affordable than wood or metal panels, but it offers a 20 to 50 year service life.

Roof Repair Services

There are cases, when roofs do not need to be replaced, but only repaired in spots. Slat shingles with occasionally break and asphalt shingles will occasionally tear, but these are often related to severe weather. We offer a wide range of roof repair services, so if only one or 100 shingles need to be replaced, our roofing contractors can do exactly that for you. Cracked or broken shingles need to be replaced as soon as possible, because they have the potential to accumulate rainwater. Roofing repair requires intricate skills, which is exactly our team has, plus so much more.

Why Work With Us?

We understand that there are numerous Staten Island NY siding and roofing contractors. However, we truly believe we can provide you with a service unlike anyone else. After many years of serving the local community and doing our best to please, we’ve truly perfected our service. We believe we stand head and shoulders above the competition. Below, you’ll discover a handful of reasons for working with us!

    Our employees are very experienced. They all have an enormous amount of experience in the field and each is trained thoroughly before hand. This ensures our employees are all experts and will be able to provide the client with the best service humanely possible.

    We are happy to offer custom orders for our roofing services. Although we have a warehouse full of siding and roofing materials, we understand that our offerings might not please everything. Rest assured knowing we’ll go out of our way to please.

    We offer maximum peace of mind. Our company forces all employees to be background checked and drug screened. This ensures you do not encounter any problems along the way. Our company strives to be trustworthy and reliable. This is simply one step in the right direction.

    We are covered by a sufficient amount of insurance. We understand that problems may arise no matter how cautious we are. Our insurance can alleviate the problems and stress associated with an injury or damage caused during the course of the project.

    We only offer the highest quality of materials. We want our roofing services to be as cost-effective as possible. Our materials are manufactured from the best brands in the business and they’ll withstand the test of time much better than that of their competitors.

    Unlike other contractors, we’re happy to cater to your precise needs. We can work alongside your work schedule, if necessary. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate you and your family.

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Are you ready to change the appearance of your home? Or has your roof begun to leak? We’re here to help. Our company is locally located and we’ll be able to solve any problem you have in terms of siding and roofing. Just give us a call and we can get started as soon as possible. If you’re looking for staten island roofers who will get a quality roof installed for you, call now. Flat roofing systems (EPDM, SBS, and Rubber Roof) – we can help!

We generally do not handle gutter cleaning, gutter repair or roof leaks, basement waterproofing, Commercial Roofing, Roof Repair, home construction, metal roofing, however we might still have a solution in these situations.

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Roofing Contractor Near You. Annadale NY, Arden Heights NY, Arlington NY, Arrochar NY, Bay Terrace NY, Bloomfield NY, Brighton Heights NY, Bulls Head NY, Castleton Corners NY, Charleston NY, Chelsea NY, Clifton NY,Concord NY,Dongan Hills NY,Egbertville NY,Elm Park NY,Eltingville NY,Emerson Hill NY,Fort Wadsworth NY,Graniteville NY,Grant City NY,Grasmere NY,Great Kills NY,Greenridge NY,Grymes Hill NY,Hamilton Park NY,Heartland Village NY,Huguenot NY,Lighthouse Hill NY,Livingston NY,Manor Heights NY,Mariners Harbor NY,Meiers Corners NY,Midland Beach NY,New Brighton NY,New Dorp NY,New Springville NY,Oakwood NY,Old Place,Old Town,NY Pleasant Plains NY,Port Ivory NY,Port Richmond NY,Prince’s Bay NY,Randall Manor,Richmond Valley NY,Richmond Town NY, Rosebank NY, Rossville NY,Saint George NY, Sandy Ground NY,Shore Acres NY, Silver Lake NY,South Beach NY,Stapleton NY, Stapleton Heights NY,Sunnyside NY,Todt Hill NY Tompkinsville NY,Tottenville NY,Tottenville Beach NY,Travis NY, Ward Hill NY,Westerleigh NY,West New Brighton NY,Willowbrook NY,Woodrow, Bronx NY, Ave Staten Island NY

Things we do: Roof Coating, Siding, Roof Replacement, Asphalt Shingled Roof.

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