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Why Our Siding Installation Is The Best In Staten Island, NY

There is simply no denying the fact that vinyl siding can do wonders for a home. Heck, it can take an old home and make it look new. Not only does vinyl cedar shake siding add major curb appeal to the home, but it increases the overall efficiency. That’s right, vinyl siding can help your home stay cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. This is, of course, considering that the job was handled by professionals. We are a local vinyl siding company that has been operated out of the Staten Island area for a number of years now. Not only do we handle the Staten Island area, but we are more than willing to service the surrounding areas as well. Continue reading to learn more about our installations and what we have to offer.

Keeping You Within Cod

It is imperative that siding installation in Staten Island NY be handled by professionals. The reason for this is because the area is plagued with strict codes and regulations. If your siding is installed incorrectly it could not only potentially result in future problems, but it might not pass inspection. This means that if you ever sell the home, you might end up having to spend more money to get the siding fixed before it can be sold. This is also the case with some insurance companies. If you don’t already have homeowners insurance, but want to get it the company will come out and inspect the home. If the siding doesn’t pass the inspection, you will have to get the necessary repairs before the company insurers you.

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Keeping You Within The Manufacturer’s Guidelines

One of the great things about vinyl stacked stone siding and other siding materials is that they usually come guaranteed with long warranties. Heck, some siding materials even come along with lifetime warranties. That being said, some regulations and guidelines that must be met before the warranties are granted. For instance, if your vinyl siding is installed incorrectly and you later experience problems the warranty can be denied if the installation isn’t up to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Once again, this is going to cause you to be out a whole bunch of money.

Know Your Installation Options

Another great thing about vinyl siding is that the options really are endless. Heck, nowadays you can get vinyl siding that looks like stone. Not only this, but it also comes available in a variety of colors. Simply put, when you choose to adorn your home with vinyl siding there is going to be no end to the installation options. Some of the options that our company most commonly offer are:

  • Vinyl Siding – This type of material is extremely durable, but also requires extremely low maintenance over the years. In fact, you can probably just get away with washing it down once every year or two. Our highly trained team of installers will ensure that your siding is installed up to code and effectively as possible. When the job is done, you are not only going to be left with a beautiful home, but you are going to be left with a more energy-efficient home.
  • Cultured Stone Siding – This is another extremely popular option that we see in the Staten Island area. This type of material can give your home that natural stone look without all the labor-intensive work and extra expenses. Unlike natural stone, our stone veneer siding is much lighter, easier to install, and overall more affordable because there is no need to add additional wall support. This siding will just go up like vinyl siding, but when the job is done, you are going to be left with a home covered in natural-looking stone.

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