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Roof Replacement

Staten Island Roof Replacements Done Right

Ultimately, your home’s roof has a limited lifespan. At some point, you’ll be required to replace the roof and this can be a difficult procedure. Since you likely will not be able to tackle this problem alone, you’ll need to team up with one of the best roof replacement companies on Staten Island. We’re here for you. We strongly believe that we’re one of the top roofing contractors in your area. We can replace your roof at the right price and we’ll save you money too.

Metal Roofing Replacement Staten Island

Metal roofing lasts many years but you may need to replace it at some point. If this happens, you should contact us. We’ll make sure that the damaged metal is replaced quickly. In return, you’ll be able to sleep soundly knowing that the snow, ice, and water are kept out of your attic. If you want to switch from shingles to metal, you should know that we offer this type of service.

Asphalt Shingle Replacement On Staten Island

Most consumers stick with a shingled roof. This is a good option but it is not suitable for everyone. If you have a shingled roof right now, you’ll likely experience issues at some point. A few shingles might go missing or they might get damaged. Don’t worry because we can help. We’ll replace the shingles without charging too much.

Shake Roof Replacement

You should know that we can replace wood shake roofing too. Unfortunately, this type of roofing requires more maintenance than the alternatives. We can assist you. We can perform an inspection to ensure that everything is fine before moving forward. Our shake roof replacement is cost-effective and convenient. We can get started today.

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Tile Roofing Replacement On Staten Island

Tile roofing is very effective and long-lasting. If you want to upgrade to a better option, you should think about making the transition to a tile roof. Our company is eager to help you. We can check your tile roof to ensure that it is in perfect condition. We can replace your roof as well. If you’re eager to switch from tile or metal to tile, it is time to get in touch with us. We offer the services you need and we’re going to treat you right.

EPDM Replacement

Our company can replace EPDM roofs too. If your EPDM roof is experience problems, you should contact us. We’ll do our best to remedy the problem and put an end to the leaks. We’ve got you covered and we’re going to treat you right. We promise that we’ll do everything we can to get your EPDM roof replaced immediately.

Slate Replacement

Unfortunately, slate tile can break. If that happens, you’ll want to contact us. We can repair or replace the broken tile. And, we’ll do it quickly to minimize the risk that something is going to go wrong with your roof. You should contact us to get started and get the problem solved today.

Built Up

We also offer replacements for built-up roofs. Leaks are more common in certain areas. We know what areas are problematic and we can solve these issues quickly. You should contact us to fix your built-up roofing problem right now. We’ll replace the problematic materials and help ensure that your home is protected.

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