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Our Window Installation Services For Staten Island, NY

Windows are a major component of any home. Not only are they a major component, but they are essential. Have you ever seen a home without windows? Well, you won’t, and that is because they allow natural light and beauty into the home. Not only this, but properly installed windows can even help cut the costs of your energy bills. All that aside, you will notice that windows come in a wide range of sizes as well as styles and designs. Below, you are going to learn about some of the most common types of windows that our Staten Island installation teams handle.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are always popular amongst our local customers. And, this is because they are not only beautiful, but they are somewhat unique. These windows feature a single sash that is hinged right at the top. They also feature a unique crank handle. When cranked the window will open from the bottom out, which will resemble an awning shape, hence the name. Our window installation service in Staten Island NY teams usually like to install these windows in one continuous frame. We also like to use them in conjunction with other styles of windows because they are really good at complementing other styles as well as showing off their best features.

Basement Windows

Basement windows are a whole different beast, but they certainly don’t stray from innovation or beauty. You probably already guessed that these windows are most commonly installed in the basement and also feature a single hinged sash that utilizes a latch to open inwards. With their superior sealing abilities, these windows are perfect for basements of homes with lower levels because they will help keep the external conditions external where they belong.

Bay Windows

Who wouldn’t love a beautiful bay window? These windows are actually a combination of windows and protrude from the home. To create a bay window our teams usually like to combine picture windows with casement flankers or double-hung flankers. Whatever you go with, it really won’t matter because either option is going to expand your wall space and give you a little extra storage or relaxing room.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are somewhat similar to that of the bay windows. And, this is probably why they are such a popular option. These models are usually a combination of either casement windows or double-hung windows. They also expand or protrude from the home and add a little extra wall space. The only difference between these and the bay windows that they usually only feature three or more windows to create what looks like a gentle, subtle curve.

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Casement Windows

Casement windows might feature a single hinged sash that utilizes a crank handle just like some of the other models on the list. However, casement windows are a bit different and stand out amongst the masses because they can either open out towards the left or right. Our teams have seen several situations where these windows have been perfect for the application where they were installed.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are also a different beast because they are designed completely different. In fact, they feature two mobile sashes that can either move up or down. This feature makes the windows easier to clean. This design also gives you quick and easy access to the exterior part of the window from inside the home. Cleaning and maintaining your beautiful windows will never be easier when you opt for the double-hung models.

Garden Box Windows

Are you going for that greenhouse look? Maybe you are an indoor grower. Perhaps, you just want more natural sunlight. Whatever the situation is, it really won’t matter because when you invest in the garden box windows, you are going to all of the above. This style window usually features a middle picture window that is flanked with two casement windows and a tempered glass roof.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are really different from any other model listed here. And, this is because they do not open. Sure, this might sound like a turn off for some, but there are a number of situations where these windows can come in more than handy. They are without a doubt beautiful and allow you to naturally lighten up your home.

Slider Windows

Slider windows might be that last on the list, but that doesn’t mean that they are the least popular. Our company sees a lot of these windows and even installs a lot of them. These models feature two mobile sashes that swing either to the left or right. This not only makes them easy to operate, but it makes them even easier to clean. Most homeowners like to install these easy to operate windows in hard to reach locations, but they will add beauty and natural appeal to any section of a home or office.

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