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EPDM Roofing

EPDM Roofing: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Most homes in the United States have an asphalt roof. While these roofing systems work efficiently in protecting the home from element exposure, sometimes they are just not enough. This is especially true for homes in New York, where the weather is detrimental in the winter season. These homes need additional protection, such as an EPDM membrane. This single-ply membrane is designed to add an additional layer of protection to extend the life of the roof. Below, you will discover more information about EPDM roofing.

Ask A Roofing Contractor

If you desire more information about an EPDM roofing, you should contact a Staten Island New York best choice for EPDM roofing professionals. These experts are very knowledgeable about EPDM roofing systems. And, they will be glad to share their knowledge with you and your family. Do not expect an average roofing contractor to know about these roofs because it can be a major mistake. Only consider working with contractors that have experience in installing EPDM roofing systems.

Commercial, Industrial, And Residential Applications

While EPDM roofing systems are more commonly installed on commercial and industrial buildings, they are also utilized in the residential industry as well. EPDM roofs can be installed on hotels, rental units, schools, police departments, malls, hospitals, skilled nursing homes, and single- and multi-story homes.

Roofing contractors offer a broad range of services including:

  • Rubber roofing installation
  • Single-ply (EPDM) roofing installation
  • Roll roofing
  • Commercial and industrial roofing system installations
  • Residential roofing installation

If you are interested in an EPDM roofing, you should not delay contacting your local roofing contractor. This expert can provide you with a free in-home inspection and quote for a new EPDM roof system.

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Fire Resistant

One reason why EPDM roofing is so popular in the industrial and commercial markets is its fire-resistant capability. EPDM roofing can resist fires, making it a great roofing option for manufacturing buildings. It is also a great option for apartment complexes and other commercial buildings that are at risk of fires.

Extremely Durable

Most roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, wood, and tiles, will breakdown over time. When this occurs, the roof will become weak and vulnerable, leaving your home or business exposed to the elements. To prevent his from happening, many people are opting for an EPDM roof. The materials utilized in EPDM roofing are guaranteed to not crack, peel, or become brittle. You can speak with your local roofing contractor about the longevity of these roofing systems if you are interested in having one installed on your commercial or industrial building.

Quick And Easy Installation

Depending on the size of your home or business, an EPDM roof can be installed in a single day in many cases. EPDM roofing experts know how to approach the job to make sure it is completed in a timely manner. If you are concerned about the job interrupting your daily schedule, you should not be. Most EPDM installation projects will go smoothly and quickly. And, the job can be done while you are at work or school.

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