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Staten Island

Staten Island NY – Offering A Vacation Of A Lifetime


Traveling can be extremely exciting, especially when the entire family is involved. Family vacations are the most exciting, because these special times allow everyone to become reacquainted. If you are planning a trip this summer, you should definitely consider Staten Island, New York. New York City consists of five boroughs,

With Staten Island being one of them. The borough is more populous than the other four boroughs, consisting of mostly residential communities. Located near New Jersey’s Newark International Airport, it is the perfect location for airline workers and their families. C&D Staten Island Roofing


Jacques Marchias Museum of Tibetan Art


While you are visiting Staten Island, be sure to spare a little time for educating your family on the Tibetan monk. This facility is situated in the center of the Lighthouse Hill community. A very stunning area and the perfect place for a leisure walk. The museum holds some very valuable pieces of ancient art.


Greenbelt Nature Center


Another great facility that will offer tons of educational benefits is the Greenbelt Nature Center. The Greenbelt trails are the perfect getaway for any single or family. The Willowbrook’s White Trail provides scenery like no other and is the perfect place to stretch your legs. Most of the Greenbelt trails are flat and perfect for avid runners and walkers. If you are lucky, you will be visiting Staten Island, when a trail race is taking place. The event will provide plenty of exercise for every member of your family, plus it will give everyone in your group an opportunity to experience nature in a personal manner.


Snug Harbor Cultural Center


The Snug Harbor Cultural Center is a hidden gem and houses a large collection of Greek-styled buildings that replicate temples. The Staten Island Botanic Garden is also located in the vicinity and features one of the most exquisite Chinese Scholar’s Gardens. Developed by Chinese scholars, the garden is absolutely breathtaking and everyone should get to see it at least once in their lifetime. If you do get the opportunity to visit the cultural center, be sure to check out the art museum, within its confines.


Staten Island Yankees


If you are a baseball fan, be sure to grab a couple of tickets to the Staten Island Yankees game. Tickets are very affordable and there are discount opportunities for groups. Maybe you can get lucky and catch a foul ball. One of the players will happily sign the ball, so you can show it off to all of your friends. Who knows, the player may turn up in the big leagues one day.


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