A roof is the one of the most important elements of a home’s structure. Its main purpose is to protect the home from water and weather damage. However, there will a time when the roof needs a major over haul or repair. Extreme weather conditions can do a number on shingles, which is why it is so important to inspect them carefully on a routine basis. If you have no means of getting on top of your home, you can always rely on roofing contractors in Staten Island New York.

Free Analysis

Most shingles offer a lifetime of 5 to 20 years, depending on the type of material they are constructed out of. However, extreme weather such as tornados, hurricanes, and severe thunderstorms can also leave a devastating mark. When you decide that it is time to attend to your room, you may want to take advantage of the free analysis, offered by most professional contractors. This is a no-obligation offer that will assist the home or business owner inspect the roof and determine whether or not there is any damaged shingles. This is also a great opportunity to gather information about different types of roofing materials and price packages.

Diagnosing The Problem

Many individuals will tend to ignore their roof until it is too late. A broken shingle is a harbor for rainwater, which will eventually damage the roofing structure. Once the roofing structure is damaged, water will begin to leak into the home. At first, the water leak may be minor, but over time it will grow into a major issue. Water damage is extremely difficult to repair and there may be a time that it will require an entire new roof and structure replacement. This is a costly undertaking that could have been prevented, if only you would have taken examined the roof on a routine basis.

Once the home begins to leak, you will need to contact one of the top licensed contractors in Staten Island NY. This is a job for a professional, since there may be some underlying issues underneath the shingles. Diagnosing the problem appropriately and accurately will determine the outcome and repair costs.

Avoid Scammers

Many unlicensed contractors will drive around neighborhoods, looking for roofs that are in poor condition. They will then head back to their shop and begin calling these homeowners. If you receive a call from a contractor, you should immediately refuse to provide them with any personal information. There are hundreds of scammers out there that are always pretending to want to assist the homeowner, but in fact they are only trying to take advantage of them. Some unlicensed contractors will go so far as knock on the homeowner’s door. Avoid speaking with these individuals and never agree to an upfront payment.

A licensed contractor would never request payment up front, nor would they try to get you to sign a contract. Do you research, before hiring any contractor because there will always be a scammer in the crowd. Also, ask your neighbors if the contractor contacted them, as well.